Indian Textiles @ Bharatiya Craft Mela

Sharing some pictures of traditional Indian textiles like handloom textiles,  Bengali cottons/silks, Chikankari and brocade that were exhibited in a Craftmela (craft exhibition) took place in Bengaluru, on the occasion of Indian Independence Day.

Bhaarata! Bharatavarsha! Jambudweepa! 

Tianzhu (Tenjiku)! Hind! Hindustan! Hodu! India!

All the above names are of our motherland!

Multiple traditions, hundreds of languages, vast variety of traditional arts… Geographical diversity… 

All colour our nation vividly that is unique with its geographical diversity…

Proud to be Indian!

Happy Independence day!

Dear Tantu Enthusiast,

We had celebrated first ever Handloom Day last week on 7th August, 2015. As we know, there are many world famous textiles native to India. I had been to a Textile exhibition on 1st March, 2015 in Bengaluru. I was happy to find a good collection of handloom cotton shirts, Bengali cotton/silk saris, brocades, Chikankari suits/saris by sellers from various parts of India. They were traditional yet very fashionable. The price range was very reasonable. Below are some photographs clicked at Bharatiya Craftmela, enjoy!

Indian Traditional Textiles - Chikankari, Brocade. Chikankari and Handloom respectively

Indian Traditional Textiles – Chikankari, Brocade. Chikankari and Handloom respectively

Proud Indians in Textile industry - Bengali Cotton, Handloom, Chikankari and Brocade respectively

Proud Indians in Textile industry – Bengali Cottons/silks, Handloom, Chikankari and Brocade respectively

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First National Handloom Day

 Happy First Handloom DayCelebration of the First Handloom Day and launch of India handloom Brand in India on 7th of August, 2015 by the PM of India Shri Narendra Modi at Chennai is a significant event aspiring development in the relaunch of Indian traditional textiles and in the world of textiles.

Ancient Bharatiyas were the masters of life having great knowledge about everything from adhyatma (spirituality) to the aesthetics. It is not unknown that the world looked at India for its finest quality textiles and spices, and that India was invaded for the same for several hundred years. Hence probably ‘Swadeshi Movement‘ was developed by the freedom fighters like Dadabhai Naoroji, Gokhale, Ranade, Balagangadhara Tilak and G.V. Joshi uniting common Indians. Later, the Swadeshi thought was shaped and Swadeshi Andolan was launched by M.K Gandhi on 7th August 1905.

Today, on completion of 110 years of Swadeshi Andolan by M.K Gandhi, we are celebrating the first National Handloom Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched “India Handloom” brand at a mega event in Chennai on this historical day. The celebration was special as ‘Santh Kabir Award’ and ‘National Award for Handloom Weavers’ were given to the deserving weavers. There was an informative exhibition of traditional Indian textiles from all over India. I was happy that I knew a few names among them. PM gave a message to the fellow citizens to buy more handloom textiles while addressed the gathering and also said that a boost to handloom industry will strengthen the weavers economically. He also stressed that handloom textiles must also look into the matters like design updating and becoming more fashionable.

India Handloom Brand Logo Launch by PM Narendra Modi

India Handloom Brand Logo Launch by PM Shri Narendra Modi
Image Courtesy: DD News

Narendra Modi on Twitter - Glimpses of the handloom exhibition

Glimpses of the handloom exhibition – photos by PM on Twitter

Former president of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, who left us recently had always encouraged us to dare to dream. I have such a dream, to travel across India and to know every traditional Indian textile. I know, it will take my lifetime to to this as there are hundreds of them. But, dreaming is not a sin!

May Indian traditional textiles and handloom industry prosper. May this be true for all the traditional textiles all over the world. Singing off wishing you all a Happy handloom Day!

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Shopping @ : A Review

A review of my shopping experience with, a flagship store for women.

Namaste Dear Tantu Enthusiast!

It’s been a long since I updated anything. How are you? How are you enjoying summer? Well, I am busy gulping the seasonal local fruits 😀 as we have come to the end of the season in this part of the world expecting monsoon in no time…

Online shopping is the trend of the day that makes our lives easy providing exciting shopping experiences. Internet is flooded with many online shopping sites and new shopping sites show up every day. But, not every site upholds the customer expectations. One such trending and promising online shopping site is I recently did a trial shopping with LimeRoad and today’s post is a review of my shopping experience with the same.

What is is a Flagship store for women launched on 18th October 2012 that is based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. LimeRoad offers wide range of rare fashion products for women from head to toe including ethnic to western looks. LimeRoad also provides home and kitchen products. One can imagine the popularity that LimeRoad has gained by looking at the love of over 9.5 million fans in Facebook within a duration of 2 ½ years.

My Shopping experience with

They say, ‘How you deal with smallest things defines what actually you are’. I tried the same with and I went for the lowest price range. I bought three products in the first round. Every category showed up interesting style collections. I went for a pair of printed leggings, a printed dupatta and a canvas sling bag.

Blue printed cotton knit leggings by 27ashwood

Having a glance of clothing category in LimeRoad is a visual treat. The collections are distinctive from ethnic to modern, from solids to prints and from high to budget. I decided to go for a pair of printed leggings. A pair of ash blue leggings with awesome print in white is what I chose. Guess what? The random all over print is of thread spools, buttons, shirts, bows, socks and many more beautiful motifs… How could I have not picked it???

Ash Blue Printed Leggings @ LimeRoad I read the description, care and other details in the page. Satisfied with the details and the pictures, I grabbed that cute sewer’s leggings of MRP 449 INR.

The leggings arrived home through courier within 3 days. Everything was fine but the first look at the print cautioned me about losing the print in one wash. I washed it by hand, even rubbed it. But, the print is still stable 🙂

Blue printed cotton knit leggings by 27ashwood

Blue printed cotton knit leggings by 27ashwood

Blue printed cotton knit leggings - Close up

Blue printed cotton knit leggings – Close up

I am so happy… I love my cute sewer’s leggings 🙂

Plush Orange Printed Dupatta By Ethnic

I was stunned looking at the beautiful dupatta collection at LimeRoad. I wanted to buy many of them. But for the trial shopping, I finalised a multi coloured floral printed crush cotton dupatta of MRP 187 INR.

Dupatta also came within 3 days of ordering. You know what? I fell in love with the richness of the colours it has. The cotton material is absorbent and feels comfortable against skin.

 Plush Orange Printed Dupatta - Close Up

Plush Orange Printed Dupatta – Close Up

Dupatta is quite long than I thought. It reaches my calf muscles (!) when I wear it on one side of my shoulder and I am 5’4”tall. I have washed it and the colours have not bleeded! That’s so much one can expect for the price 187 INR!!!

Floral Finesse Printed Bag by Crafts My Dream

There are chic bags of different kinds for different occasions. I picked a sling bag of canvas material with pink-orange-black large floral print with a black handle. It costs only 300 INR!

 Floral Finesse Printed Bag by Crafts My Dream @

Floral Finesse Printed Bag by Crafts My Dream @

The bag came in 3 days as well. The dimensions were as mentioned and the specifications were also matching the product description given in the site. It had a zipper pocket and two side by side no fastener pockets in the inside, as mentioned. The handle is of a faux leather material with braided backing. The print quality is excellent.

Floral Finesse Printed Bag - Print

Floral Finesse Printed Bag – Print

‘Whoa! Where are we planning to go this weekend??’, what else can be my expression!

Features to note in LimeRoad

  1. The vast variety collection of exceptionally unique products what LimeRoad exhibits is of course what I like the most. There is everything for everyone and I mean it! Anything in traditional to modern style of grand wedding wears, elegant party wears, cool casuals, pretty night dresses, beautiful beach wears, sexy lingerie… Do you want to accessories them? LimeRoad helps you to accessorise with jewellery, watches, bags, foot wears, scarves, stoles, head gears, beauty products of all the kinds to suit your taste. What else you want? Do you want to buy a new gadget like mobile or laptop? LimeRoad has them too. Even you will find a great collection of ‘home and kitchen’ products to decorate your home as you wish.
  2. LimeRoad provides all these products in a wide price range from budget to high end.
  3. There is always something hot in LimeRoad. I love checking every now and then the ‘rush hour’ and the ‘sale’ categories to see the great deals of discount.
  4. ‘Love’ option: It is an amazing option to save and watch a product later. You can also check the popularity of the product by looking at the love count it has gained. It helps to finalise a product out of a bunch of products you like. This option also helps to check if the products you are watching come up with any discounts.
  5. There is an exciting style council in which we can find styling ideas created by top models/actors like Neha Dhupia and many awesome fashion designers and fashion bloggers. We can follow them, like and buy the stunning looks created by them. Being a designer, I love to create looks on LimeRoad. One can earn LR credits that can be used in getting shopping discounts by creating their own looks and sharing the same. Wow! That means we can earn while shopping!
  6. Detailed product descriptions are given by most of the sellers. It is very easy to shop through LimeRoad as the products are given all the required details about the material, dimensions and enough good resolution photographs in all the possible angles as well as close-ups. It gives a feeling of shopping directly in the showroom itself.
  7. Shipment and packaging: LimeRoad ships the products to all the places within India by courier or in certain cases by speed post services. Estimated delivery time will be as mentioned in the product description page that varies from 3-15 days depending upon thelocationto be shipped. My products werecouriered and I have received all my products superfast within 3 days after ordering them. My products were intact and packed firm in sealed plastic bags.   Free shipping is available for all orders aboveINR300. That’s cool!

    Shipment Received from

    Shipment Received from

  8. Payment options: Credit Card (Visa/ Amex/ Master Card), Debit Card (All leading bank debit cards), Netbanking (All leading banks) and one can also opt for the Cash-on-Delivery (COD). But, point to note, all the CODs are charged with an extra of 79 INR.
  9. Track orders: As in every online shopping venture, there will be an order tracking page in your LimeRoad account too. The order status gets updated as it gets shipped and delivered or cancelled.
  10. Return policy: While purchasing something from Limeroad, you will get to know the information about return policy. If the product cannot be returned/exchanged you can find it written in the product page itself.
  11. LimeRoad Mobile App: One can use LimeRoad mobile app to shop on the go.

Limitations of my LimeRoad Shopping Review

  1. I have ordered only clothing/materials made of fabrics.
  2. I have not cancelled any of my orders.
  3. I have not exchanged or returned any product.
  4. I have not tried LimeRoad Mobile app enough to comment on that.
  5. I have not checked how LimeRoad responses to the customer queries.

LimeRoad’s Scoreboard:

Criteria Score Explanation/expectation
Product range 4/5 Very good range.Men’s and kid’s sections expected to be opened soon!
Product quality/seller’s score 4/5 Quality of the received goods are very good. All of them are as photographed and described.
Shipment 4/5 Excellent. Quite fast.
Packing 3.5/5 Good. As described. Packing is simple and it could be better even though none of the products were damaged nor in bad condition due to packing.

It was an amazing experience to shop with If you are planning to buy clothing/related online, then I would definitely suggest you to try and I am sure it will not disappoint you 🙂

Take care! Bye until the next post!



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Paper Quilled Earhangings

Paper Quilling & Beaded Jewellery

Paper Quilled Jewellery

Dear Tantu Enthusiast,

Happy Makara Sankranti to all the Tantu readers who are celebrating the harvest festival tomorrow…

Above are some firsts from Tantu’s first jewellery collection. Hope you like them. If not, wait! More to come yet!

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2015 – What’s New on Tantu?

Namaste Dear Tantu Enthusiast!

Wish you all a very happy new year!

On this occasion, I would like to share what new I have made recently…Pearls & Gold Pendant - Jhumki parts in backgroundI just love these new pearl pendant and jhumkas (what you can see in the background) of mine! Last year had been a jewellery making year for me. I have shown the Lapiz & Rice Pearls Raani Haar long ago, do you remember?

 Lapiz & Pearls Raani HaarI have also made a gold jhumka set this year. I had bought gold beads and woven them into jhumkas.

Gold Beaded JhumkasI know, I have been selfish all these days. But, not now onwards! Yes, I have finally made it that I am ready to take orders for jewellery making from now onwards 🙂 Some samples are ready. Will share them with you soon!

So, now you know why was I disappearing all of a sudden these days 🙂

I have got to go now! More than half century comments in the blog comment box are waiting for reply… I have so many of requests of yours to fulfill!

Take care! Bye until the next post!



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Tantu in 2014

Dear Tantu Reader,

How are you? An year has past so fast! The stats team has helped me realise how much you like Tantu by sending me this 2014 annual report. Tantu exists because you visit… Thank you so much for your love!

I have attached a very old machine embroidered flower motif for you… Enjoy!

Machine Embroidered Flowers

Here’s an excerpt of the report:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 150,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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What I Do To My Hair…

Namaste Dear Tantu Enthusiast,

How are you? Thank you so much for your kind words… I am back to blogging activities as before and would reply you all soon!

This happened recently when we had been to Ellora and Ajintha. I was standing combing my hair in front of the mirror in our hotel room. I was surprised to see my hair! It was reaching near my knees! Whenever I see ladies with long hair, I admire them. But, that was a moment of mixture of different feelings to see myself with really long hair!

What I Do To My Long HairIn past three years, after I left teaching, high bun has been my hairstyle except when I go out. So, I am always as free as I if have very short hair. Busy with my arts and crafts and my blogs, I hardly observe my hair. But, at a different place having nothing much to do, it happened to notice the length of my hair. What a moment it was! Literally I was watching it from left and right like I used to do with hair extensions in my childhood 😀

Then I thought that I must write something about what I do with my hair and the post is here.

My Hair – Facts

I have black silky and wavy hair that is just like that of my Amma’s hair. I used to have a bob cut till my high school. Later, I allowed it to grow even though I have been trimming my hair (about 5 inch) every year. Almost for last three years, trimming length was reduced to 1 inch. Today my hair is very long that is just 2 inches above my knees.

Heredity Matters

My Amma, maternal aunts and paternal aunts had thick and long hair till their late 30s. One of my paternal aunts had knee-length hair in her 20s. My grannies also had long hair. My elder sister also had hip length hair (even after trimming it every year) till her teenage. She started losing hair after she suffered from jaundice in her late teenage. By now you know that my lengthy hair is inherited and no miracle has happened here.

Internal Hair Care

Yoga & Mudras

  • I learnt Yoga basics at the age of eleven. I love to do Yoga and I try to do it every day since then. It is scientifically proven that practicing Yoga stimulates invisible Chakras and Naadis in our body and thus makes us healthy.
  • I do some basic Mudras like Surabhi, Jnana, Praana, Vyaana, Apaana, etc. I don’t know in what way these influence my hair health but I believe they do.


  • I am not a foodie.
  • Vegetarian, everyday intake is traditional Havyaka Brahmin cuisine. I prefer to have red (boiled) rice. Most of the days you will find my meal with coconut and butter milk like that of every typical Havyaka Brahmin. Occasionally I try different Indian cuisines. I am not exposed to any other cuisines much.
  • Very light to mildly spicy is my food.
  • I am OK with anything – raw or cooked or baked, oily and/or spicy and/or fried, sweets or chats.
  • Balanced, I intake a little of everything that is prepared.
  • I don’t have any dislikes for any vegetables, cereals or fruits.
  • Fruits I eat are any local seasonal ones like banana, guava, papaya, mangoes, jack fruit, jamun fruit varieties, gooseberry, sapota, star fruit, butter fruit, oranges…. I am crazy about wild fruits that are eatable like that of Kepula (ixora), ajji budka (wild gooseberry of India), Kuntala (South Indian Plum) and so on. I don’t show much interest to the fruits that are not local or seasonal.
  • I don’t count calories.
  • I try to drink more water as I am still develpoing that good habit.
  • No coffee, no tea. I take 2 glasses of milk daily.
  • I love coconut! Be it in tender or ripe or kobbari (copra) form, I am crazy about sweet coconut water and coconut fruit of Coastal Karnataka. Some people say that coconut in your diet boosts hair growth.
  • I eat Indian chats and noodles occasionally.
  • I don’t think I would taste pizza/burger ever.

External Hair care

  • Usually I wash my hair once in a week. I avoid washing hair if I am at a different place so as to keep away from hard/chlorinated water.
  • I used Wipro Shikakai soap for washing my hair in my childhood. Later I came to know that Medimix soap is good for scalp when our skin specialist recommended it for scalp pimples. I started using besan (gram flour) instead of soap (occasionally herbal soaps and herbal shampoos I have used) since my early teenage.
  • My Amma used to prepare gompu (herbal moisturiser and conditioner) using hibiscus leaves and we have been rinsing hair with it after washing with soap or besan.
  • Daily application of oil as a natural conditioner is so common to me that I didn’t know for many years the concept of oil massage to the scalp only prior to washing hair.
  • I rarely leave my hair free. While going out, I usually use a thick hair tie or hair band to tie my hair at nape. My all time favourite hairstyle (my hairstyle at home) is a high bun.
  • I do not use any kind of hair stylers, hair gels and hair colours. The only tool I use is a set of hair slides.

That’s all I think! I hope my words would be useful for those who are trying to grow their hair longer. Do you have any tips to share? Please do share it along with your feedback for this post.

Take care! Bye until the next post!



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Hello from Bengaluru…

Dear Tantu Enthusiast,

This is my first post from Bengaluru. We had hardly two weeks left when Venu’s internal job transfer to Bengaluru location got confirmed. Then I wrote to you that I would be missing you guys for sometimes…

When we moved to Pune from Bengaluru, we were excited about the new place. What lovely 23 months we had lived in Pune! When we decided to go to Pune, we knew we would be going back to Bengaluru again and we were sure we would miss Pune then. But, there was no time to think anything until we vacated our rented house in Pune. And we are missing Pune like hell thereafter… Whatever I am doing here in Bengaluru, either setting home or watching though the windows, I cherish the memories of Pune… Wherever I am, I would always remember that it was Pune where I started blogging and met awesome friends like you in this blogosphere… Pune will always be in our hearts…

Leaving this beautiful sunrise view for you dear friend humming this Gulzar’s poem sung by Kishore Kumar…

आनेवाला पल,जानेवाला है

हो सके तो इस में जिन्दगी बिता दो

पल जो ये जानेवाला है…

(this moment that is about to come
is about to flit away
live your life if you can in this fleeting moment)

An Unforgettable Memorable Sunrise near Belagavi

Sunrise witnessed near Belagavi, Karnataka

Thanks a ton to Nitin Kumar ji for this English translation of ‘Aanewala pal’ and you may enjoy reading the full English translation of Aanewala Pal in his blog.

Let me sign off now… New post on hair care coming soon!

Take care! Bye until the next post!



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Kurta Shoulder & Armhole Alteration Tutorial

This tutorial post is about making even or uneven shoulder and armhole alterations in over-sized Kutra/Kurti/Kameez by adding darts based on individual style and design, thus giving suitable style tips resulting best possible fitting.

Namaste Dear Tantu Enthusiast,

Today’s Kurta shoulder and armhole alteration tutorial is the fourth one in the series of Fitting an Over-sized Kurta/Kurti/Kameez. You may check the previous shoulder alteration method with darts, shoulder alteration method with tucks and shoulder alteration method with pleats posts in the series if at all you have missed them.

This Kurta alteration method is a combination of shoulder and armhole alterations. Both shoulder and armhole are fitted by taking darts at the respective places.

Kurta Alteration by combination of Darts, Tucks & Pleats- Style Tips

Darts can be used to fit an over-sized Kurta/Kurti with even/uneven shoulder or for a person with even/uneven shoulder. Darted style shoulder alteration looks best on small or medium overall designs as well as on solids. Like the sample garment shown, collared Kurtas can be altered by this method. This style is not suitable those garments with emphasising large designs at the neckline and shoulder. This alteration method won’t suit for deep back necked ones.

Difficulty level: Medium. But this method requires some basic knowledge and dress making skills.

Time required:

  • To measure and mark 10 minutes
  • Armhole darts (2) hand tacking 15minutes + machine stitching 15 minutes
  • Back tuck in the yoke line10 minutes
  • Single dart stitching on shoulder, each side (total 2 two pointed darts) invisible hand tacking 30 minutes

Materials Required:

  • Matching Colour Thread

Tools Required:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Marking chalk
  • Scissors
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Sewing machine

Kurta fitting for even or uneven shoulder – Combination of Darts, Tucks & Pleats

  1. We have to measure the shoulder. Two sides can be measured separately if needed more accurate fitting. Say, shoulder is 34cm wide i.e, approximately 13.25 inch wide. This means, for an ideal even shoulder, each side is 17cm (6.6 inch) wide. If shoulder measurement is different in two sides, then we have to note it. Say, 16.5cm at left and 17.5cm at right.
  2. Then, we have to measure the Kurta/Kurti shoulder. Remember to measure the two sides separately. Say, left side is 20cm and right side is 20cm
  3. Note down difference in measurements of left side and right side. In the example of even shoulder, Kurta has 3cm extra width each side. In the example of uneven shoulder, Kurta/Kurti has 3.5cm extra width at left side and 2.5cm extra width at right side.
  4. Then, we will note down the armhole depth in the Kurta. Just squaring the centre front with armpit will give this measurement.Measuring armhole depth on Kurta
  5. Note down difference between actual armhole depth measurement and that in the Kurta. The extra depth noted in Kurta will be taken as a tuck across the back and as armhole darts at front.
  6. First, hand-tack the tuck across back about 2 inches below the nape. This is then machine stitched. First back tuck is given so that it helps adding the darts.Back Tuck Marking and Stitching
  7. This is the very important step. Observe the armhole curve in the Kurta. Mark a point at the mid way of the armhole. From here, take a curved dart downwards smooth it towards centre front as shown. Note that dart ends have to be above bust line (shown in pink dots in the picture) and dart width has to be same as the fabric consumption in the back tuck (shown in white dots).Armhole Dart Shaping & StitchingArmhole Dart Shaped & Stitched
  8. The Kurta has emphasising embroidery at the neck. Shoulder is wider than the actual measurement. Solution is, to take a dart near the shoulder end. So, next we have to fold the extra shoulder width as a pleat as shown below.
  9. This pleated part is finished like a dart in the front and like a released tuck in the back.
  10. At the front, the pleated part is smoothed down ending at the armhole dart. This is hand stitched from right side as shown. Shoulder Pleat (Front) Hand-tackingHow to give invisible hand-tack
  11. The shoulder pleat is also shaped at the back but finished like a tapered released tuck as shown. The tuck length is equal to the armhole depth.Back Tuck Hand-tacking

The Outfit looks as shown below when alteration is complete. Photography is by Venu.

Kutra Shulder & Armhole Alteration Done


  • Refer to Taking Measurements for proper method of taking shoulder measurement, bust point and armscye depth.
  • This combination method can be used when equal or unequal amount of fabric is to be concealed on each side. That means, if Kurta/Kurti has even/uneven shoulder or the person has even/uneven shoulder, we can do this alteration to cover up the extra width.


Do let me know how this alteration idea worked, when you try this. Valuable suggestions are always welcome!

Take care!

Bye until the next post!



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Missing You Guys…

Dear Tantu Enthusiast,

Thank you so much for visiting Tantu as a beloved fellow blogger or as a dear reader. Please don’t feel bad if your comment is not published or if I have not replied to you. Dear Fellow Blogger, I wasn’t able to read your latest posts regularly since a few weeks. I was caught up with some creative thoughts/works and some personal works. I may be busy for 10 more days. Hope you will understand me.

Till then, I have scheduled weekly posts for you. Enjoy!

With Love,


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