Polka Dots

Namaste Dear Tantu enthusiast!

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This is a one-piece kid’s casual wear in linen. This spring/summer wear is designed to beautify bubbly girls of age 3-4.
To describe, it is with-
sleeveless elasticated-neck bodice in a red-orange linen with large polka dots in lemon yellow,
cotton lined 2 layered ruffled skirt made of scarlet linen and
lemon yellow waist band.

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A nature lover, dreamer, artist, fashion designer and blogger. Passionate about arts. Persued B.Sc Fashion Designing at Karavali College, Mangalore with first rank in the Mangalore University (2003-2006). Former lecturer at Gloria College of Fashion Design, Puttur. (2006-2011). Arts and fashion blogger (2013 onwards).
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13 Responses to Polka Dots

  1. Priya.R.Pai says:

    Dear Ma’am,
    I really liked the fabric u choose. lovly sketch.

  2. Sindhu says:

    Thank you dear 🙂

  3. Justine says:

    mam its great.. Nice folds.. shades.. bt ,Use some good cameras .. drawing is excellent but not seems in the output. its just because of the camera nd its clarity.. Good luck mam

  4. Sindhu says:

    Hey, Justine! Thanks for your compliments! It’s great that you can look beyond the screen, otherwise you could never visualize the excellency of the work in a poorly captured image! Any ways, I suggest you to check the screen resolution of your pc! Don’t panic, I’m just kidding… 😉

  5. Van Zebracki says:

    It’s actually a cool illustration with a helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. sindhoooo says:

    Thanks for the feedback! Visit again!

  7. I truly appreciate this drawing. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thanks again.

  8. Walker Kaiwi says:

    Good sketch!

  9. sindhoooo says:

    Thank you 🙂

  10. sindhoooo says:

    Gorgeous blouse! Thanks for sharing this link Jilu! This is also constructed as I have constructed (https://varnatantu.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/stitching-princess-line-blouse/ )except, the sleeves are short only to cover the shoulder. A small change to do is to cut the length of the raglan sleeve. Do you still need a tutorial? Please let me know.

    Keep visiting! TC!

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