Hand Painted Designer Sari

Hello Friends!

How are you? Thank you so much for liking Tantu. I am highly encouraged by your feedback and likes.

Today’s DIY project is Hand Painted Designer Sari. Let me start with choice of design.


I chose a plain cream coloured material. I planned to fill yellow in the sari body. I decided to use cotton balls to paint the body. I planned stencil and spray work at border, pallu and blouse part. I chose a stencil with floral motif. I decided to use polythene cone, flat and round brushes to hand paint the selvedge (border edge).


  • Fabric spray paint Blue: ready to use Fabric Spray Paint is available in vibrant colours. Simply Spray is a fabric spray paint. It is now available in the US, the UK, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Canada, Australia and Germany. You can order Simply Spray online, if you are residing at Finland, Norway, Portugal or France. Here is a useful link: http://www.simplyspray.com/where-to-buy/.
    Hopefully, we may get the fabric spray paints in India sooner!
  • Fabric paint yellow and blue 45ml each (3 bottles of 15ml each)
  • A plain synthetic material of cream colour of about 6.5m


  • Stencils with free hand floral motifs (drawn free hand and cut)
  • Painting brushes – flat & round (0 or 1)
  • Polythene cone
  • Cotton balls

13T 2 Tools for Hand Painting


First, I hung the material using pins and clips as shown. Otherwise, the fabric could be stretched over a scroll frame and then kept upright.

13T 3 Hung Material for Hand Painting

I sprinkled water all over the body. I dipped cotton balls in yellow fabric paint. I squeezed it onto the fabric. Colour bleeded down in abstract pattern over the slightly wet fabric (Picture). I took care that the colouring is done excluding the borders (about 1/2 feet each side). I allowed it to dry for 24 hours.

 13T 4 Yellow Sari Body by abstract hand painting

After the fabric dried, I placed it flat over a few newspapers (or could stretch over a scroll frame). Newspapers absorb extra paint. Then I placed the stencils at the borders and rounded pallu. I sprayed the spray paint to create floral abstract. I left it for drying.

13T 5 Stencil border of hand painted sari

Stencil Border of Hand Painted Sari

Pallu of Hand Painted Sari

Pallu of Hand Painted Sari

I sprayed the paint over the blouse part varying the density.

I took blue fabric paint. I painted ½” thick stripes at both the selvedges (borders) using a flat brush. I added abstract dots close to this stripe using a round brush (number 0 or 1). I outlined the spray painted floral motif. I used a blue fabric paint filled polythene cone.

13T 9 hand painted border

I painted small dotted flowers over the spray painted blouse part.13T 10 floral blouse part 

I allowed the fabric to dry for 24hours. As a finishing, I ironed the sari. Here is the final look of the sari. Model: Ms. shwetha Ulhas, for whom this sari was designed.

13T 12 Painted Designer Sari

The blouse was stitched with a set in puff sleeve. Sari looks the best when worn with unfolded pallu as shown. Designed for a young-stylish lady. Goes well with tall to medium height.

I am thankful to Ms. Shwetha Ulhas (my sister and my model) and Mr. Venu for helping me in clicking a few photographs used in this post.

Friend! I hope today’s post was interesting and useful. Promising to come again with another exciting project.

Take care!

Bye until the next post!


About sindhoooo

Hi, I am Sindhu Devi, an Indian Fashion Designer. I am a graduate in Fashion Design from Mangalore University, who bagged the first rank in the year 2006. I have enjoyed teaching Fashion Design for 5years. Currently I am a full time designer and a full time homemaker. I am passionate about designing as well as making of unique outfits and accessories, keen to share my design ideas in the blogosphere.
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32 Responses to Hand Painted Designer Sari

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have found this post absolutely useful. You are a good designer. Good job.

  2. Heera says:

    Beautiful. It’s with high appeal, hand painted works are highly-priced in stores. Now I understand why it is so…

  3. Absolutely stunning. About the question you asked on my blog about colors, yes they were colors for painting.

  4. A.H. says:

    Lovely sari! Truly a labor of love.

  5. mandakini says:

    very good ! thanks for the new idea.

  6. This post was hugely interesting! I am delighted with the fantasy and femininity that the indian clothes and jewelry have!

  7. Shwetha Bhat says:

    Hey, it is really gorgeous Sindhoooo 🙂

    • sindhoooo says:

      Thank you very much dear 🙂

      How are you? I hope your research work is completed by this time… Came to know a lot about your dedication and commitment from your mother 🙂 I am proud that I was your classmate once! I hope you have a great future! Best wishes!

  8. manasa says:

    I really hands of his very beautiful painting with you………..

  9. Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for supplying this

  10. tanya says:

    You are absolutely amazing bless you for sharing all this wisdom and beauty

  11. Asmithaaa says:

    Indeed lovely man!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Wow, what a beautiful saree! Great work, Sindhu.

  13. Wow lovely Saree Sindhu 🙂 I was going through your blog and this post caught my eyes. You are good at this. I love floral prints and how nice to see one. Its pretty 🙂

    • sindhoooo says:

      Thank you very much Vidya for your kind words 🙂 I’m so happy that you looked at Tantu’s old posts… Glad you like this sari painting post. Floral prints are my favourite too!

      TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  14. Unique says:

    Its really beautiful..liked it..

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