Crocheted Mobile-phone Pouch


How are you doing? Sorry, I have been a little busy with my new friends in my balcony for all these days! They are growing fast and I am enjoying photographing them! I have also been trying to pull out the artist within after a long time. I succeeded drawing a portrait last week. I hope you will excuse me for this portrait at the least!

Now, something about the project: crocheting a mobile pouch.

Crocheted Mobile-phone Pouch:

I designed this for my amma (mom).

Crocheted Moblie PouchHmm, do you like it? Here is a detail of how I worked it:

My requirements were:

  1. Acrylic crocheting threads of 4ply in dark turquoise, marine blue, sky blue, lemonade and white colours. You can choose any 5 shading or tinting colours.
  2. I used:
  • 2mm crocheting hook (for single thread) and
  • 4mm crocheting hook (for two threads).

3.   Hand sewing needle for attaching leaves to the pouch

How Did I Crochet?

If you are new to crocheting, click on the stitch names for ‘how to links’.


  • I used the basic crocheting stitches for this pouch.
  • I started with a slip knot.
  • Row 1: 9 chain stitches (this length was equal to the width) + 1chain stitch in marine blue
  • Row 2-6: (total 5 rows) double crochet in marine blue
  • I worked 9 double crochets in a row and 9 more turning back. Pulled the last loop out of the first double crochet. This way I worked both the sides together. Worked one more chain stitch before starting the 3rd row.
  • Row 7-11: (total 5 rows) double crochet in marine blue
  • Row 12-16: (total 4 rows) double crochet in sky blue
  • Row 17-20: (total 4 rows) double crochet in lemonade
  • Row 21-23: (total 3 rows) double crochet in white
  • Row 24: I took white and lemonade together and worked 1row of double crochet skipping one stitch alternatively. At the centre (5th stitch each side), I increased stitches by adding 1halftreble, 1treble, 1double treble, 1treble and 1halftreble.
  • Row 25: double crochet all the stitches in sky blue and marine blue.
  • Row 26: double crochet with marine blue and dark turquoise.


  • Row 1: Chain with white and lemonade. Number of stitches to the need.
  • Row 2: Slip stitch with sky blue and marine blue

Leaf motif:

  • I worked with a variation to heart pattern for the leaves. I worked 8 chain stitches. Then I worked 3 treble, 3 double treble, 1 chain (leaf tip), 3 double treble, 3 treble – all into the  4th chain stitch.
  • I made leaves with white, lemonade and sky blue. I stitched them firmly onto the desired areas.

This pouch fits well for a standard sized mobile phone. Are you willing to crochet your own mobile-phone pouches? Give me your mobile size, I am always here to help you for stitch numbers 🙂

My special thanks to for their ‘how to’ posts:

A few links you may like:

Its time for me to stop for now. Share your words with me. Awaiting your replies.

Take care!

Bye until the next week!


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