Sandals & Sandals!

Hey, I’m with a few sandals.

Four sandals illustrated wearing each in two hands and feet: yellow and brown flat sandals, blue flat sandals, green leafy sandals and bejewelled bridal sandals.

Folded Paper Sandal:

As the name suggest, it is folded style sandal with a yellow sole and brown bottom. It is given a classic look by edging it with an embroidery in brown. Best suited casual and beach footwear.

Beaded Blue Sandal:

It is a simple blue flat/sandal with colourful beaded thongs. Goes well with all kinds of casuals.

Creeper Sandal:

Creeper sandal is a 2″ high sandal inspired by creeper. It is with leafy design and matches a green party wear very well.

Jeweled Bridal Sandal:

This is a broached maroon sandal to be worn by a bridal wear or for a party. Scalloped front edging beautifies it.

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2 Responses to Sandals & Sandals!

  1. Great sandals! 4 is my favourite!
    Kisses from Poland

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