Welcome to The New Tantu

Dear Tantu Enthusiast,

Guess what? We have moved to our own domain www.varnatantu.com. La la la! This didn’t happen all of a sudden. It was possible after a lot of struggle. But, your love strengthened Tantu.

Welcome to the new Tantu at varnatantu dot com

I am working on site redirection and I hope it will be resolved at the earliest. Tantu’s Facebook page and Google+ page remain to be the same. If you are following Tantu’s feed, please change the feed url to https://www.varnatantu.com/feed/

You can read Tantu’s latest updates in the following links:

Hearty Welcome to the new Tantu at new location. See you!

Best wishes,



About Sindhu

Namaste! We have moved our blogs to our own domains recently. Tantu @ www.varnatantu.com and The Arts & Me @ www.desiabhivyakti.live Please visit us at our new homes. Thanks :-)
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