Little Wonder’s Little Frock

Namaste Dear Tantu Enthusiast!

How time flies!

10th November 2015… The magic happened! We had our Little Wonder in our arms! I got back the childhood of mine! And it’s been amazing being rediscovered everyday!

Dear Reader,

I remembered Tantu every day. I remembered you every day. Your visits to Tantu in spite of my silence has made me speechless. The stats have crossed 600,000! You don’t know how you have inspired me! Thanks so much! What can I give you back? The projects! And many things to share! One of the loved projects is before you, my Little Wonder’s Little Frock.

Little Wonder’s Little Frock

Golden brocade yoke frock with pleated cap sleeves and a centre bow in multi-colour stripes brocade.

Little Wonder’s Little Frock is a yoked frock. It is beautified with pleated cap sleeves and a centre bow in contrast fabric. The frock is made using two brocade fabrics. I have used golden brocade (shell) and multi-colour striped deep red brocade fabric (embellishment). A matching absorbent lining is carefully chosen to comfort the baby. I have used hook and eye fastening at shoulders and at one of the side seams. This frock is designed to wear for a religious ceremony.

And she is my Little Wonder wearing her little frock..

Little wonder, my daughter in her ethnic frock. The frock is in golden and deep red brocade fabric.Will share how is this little frock made. But, before that I want to talk to you regarding the All India Khadi Festival 2017 that is taking place in Bengaluru.

So, see you soon! TC, keep smiling 🙂


About sindhoooo

Hi, I am Sindhu Devi, an Indian Fashion Designer. I am a graduate in Fashion Design from Mangalore University, who bagged the first rank in the year 2006. I have enjoyed teaching Fashion Design for 5years. Currently I am a full time designer and a full time homemaker. I am passionate about designing as well as making of unique outfits and accessories, keen to share my design ideas in the blogosphere.
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3 Responses to Little Wonder’s Little Frock

  1. asmipra says:

    Congratulations!!! So happy for you. You both are so cute. God bless you n your family.

  2. Giri Kumar says:

    Beautiful and cute kid !!! Stay blessed 🙂

  3. mukhamani says:

    Congratulations and God bless your little wonder 🙂

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